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Informative Resources for Marriages and Parenting

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Help in order to reduce the conflict cycle

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson has teamed up with Dr. Siegel.  Together, they have written helpful resources on how to "connect before correction" with children.   Bryson and Siegel breakdown the neuroscience of the brain in easy to understand language and why kids respond the way they do.    This dynamic team offers important advice on how to deescalate conflict and not lose your marbles during conflict.    Check out

Kids with Backpacks

Parenting Resources

Dr. Bryan Post offers the most effective strategies on how to deal with kids' challenging behaviors.  If you experience problems with behaviors such as lying, aggressing, melt downs, isolation, self-harm, social challenges, depression, head to

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Marital advice from the world's most renowned marriage expert

Dr. John Gottman has spent 40+ years in studying couples and what makes relationships work and what is more of a risk factor for separation and/or divorce.  Based on decades of research, Dr. Gottman and his wife, Julie Gottman study couples in the "Love Lab" based out of the Gottman Institute located in Seattle, WA.   Partnered with his research team, Dr. Gottman has written a multitude of resources that give direction of what makes relationships thrive and remain in tact.  Check out

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Trauma doesn't have to own you

The treatment of trauma has been evolving for the past 25 + years.   Trauma is not thought of, "in your head."  The treatment of trauma is looked through the whole person as neuroscience has demonstrated that trauma is held throughout the entire body.   Check out for information on evidence-based treatment of trauma.

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