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Specialty Services

One daisy flower sprouts through dry cracked soil. Symbol of soul rebirth and eternal life

Trauma Therapy

You don't have to be governed by your past

Trauma can get locked in the body in state specific form.  As a result, the brain has a difficult time determining past from present.   I have been trained in the latest state-of-the-art techniques in the treatment of trauma.  I am level II trained in EMDR and level I trained in Brainspotting.  These modes of  treatment help the client to reprocess the trauma memory and gain new insights and connections.  The traumatic memory no longer has a hold of the person and the impact of the trauma can shift.

Adolescent Counseling

Here for your adolescent

Honestly, being an adolescent today is  a lot tougher than 20 years ago.  Adolescents today are faced with so many challenges, expectations, pressures, and dangers from social media.   If you are experiencing concerns with your adolescent through behavior problems, social media addiction, self-harm, suicidal ideation, or manipulation, know that he or she is in caring hands to help navigate this confusing and stressful world.  Together, your adolescent and I can unpack what is contributing to these problems and develop better coping strategies.

Teen Skateboarding
Image by Jonatán Becerra

Grief Counseling

Here For You

We all experience loss.    Sometimes, it is the loss of a loved one and other times it is the loss of a last name, career, independence, or a dream.   Loss can be looked at through the lens, "the price a person pays for something that was once loved."  Maybe consider exploring the impact of the loss no matter what type.

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